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Tuna Loin Saku Definition and Advantages

Loin and saku are usually taken from large fish such as tuna loin saku product that you often found in grocery stores. Both tuna loin and tuna saku are graded based on their qualities before being sold in the market from AAA to A grades. The higher the grades the more expensive the price will be. These tuna products are sold fresh or frozen and prepared raw or steamed like in the sushi dish (nigiri or sashimi), although they are also good to be cooked especially on top of very hot grill. Let’s learn more about the tuna loin and tuna saku by reading some information below.

About tuna loin saku in the fish market
We need to learn about tuna loin saku product based on their definition and the advantages. Most of the tuna in loin and saku are offered in fresh and frozen. However, people who do not want to use the tuna loin or saku right after buy usually prefer frozen tuna state since the skinless tuna makes it easier to spoilage than canned tuna or a whole tuna fish.
Here are some information which you need to understand before choose between tuna loin or tuna saku:
·         Tuna loin
The definition of tuna loin is meaning that the fish being cut from the backbone lengthwise into quarters which normally appear with no bones and no taper in some of thickness. The process makes it easier to prepare the tuna unlike when you buy whole tuna fish with the skin and bones still attached. This is why many restaurant businesses such as sushi restaurant prefer to purchase tuna loin rather than whole tuna fish since they are faster and easier to be prepared, you do not need to remove the bones and the skins anymore.
The advantages for having tuna loin rather than whole tuna fish or even canned tuna is that the product is already being graded so you can tell which tuna has the best qualities of them all. Not to mention, the fish loin itself is the highest quality cut among all of the products. The loin provides densest and thickest meat without the waste of bones and skin.
Furthermore, the advantage for having tuna fish loin is about versatility meaning that individual tuna loin can be sold either in large pieces like sides, chunks, bullets, slabs or in a whole. You can also sold it as uniform steaks or cut into thin sliced. Ask the manufacturer or the supplier when you want to buy tuna loin whether they able to cut the tuna loin according to your preference or in other words you can order for custom cuts.
Some suppliers are willing to take custom cuts from their customers. They also like to give you some parts of the tuna fish according to your order. You can tell specific parts of large tuna fish which you want to buy or you can have certain parts such as the center section which known to offer the best taste and texture.
·         Tuna saku
In Japan, the term of tuna saku means tuna cut into block and this kind of product usually used in many sushi bars, it commonly served as maguro. Tuna loin saku are both preferred by the Japanese chefs for sashimi due to the uniformity. They are also used for other sliced presentations.
Tuna saku is ideal not only to make sushi, but you can cook them by pan searing. The appearance of tuna saku is usually boneless and skinless without blood line because it already being removed. To prevent spoilage on both frozen tuna loin saku, they have been super frozen in -40 degrees Celsius. With this kind of storage process, the deterioration of the cells in the tuna fish meat can be eliminated and it also provides firmer texture.
The downside of tuna loin saku
There are a lot of advantages for having frozen or fresh tuna loin saku, however there are also some downsides when you are looking for these tuna products. First is about the disadvantages in the shelf life. Unlike canned tuna which already being preserved, the shelf life of tuna loin or tuna saku are shorter. This is due to the exposed skinless meat so it dehydrates easily. That’s why you need to be careful when store and handling the tuna fish in loin or saku shape.
When you buy frozen tuna saku loin, never freeze them again after you thaw the fish or it will ruin the texture and the taste. If you do not want to use it, store and place the tuna in the coldest part of the freezer. If you ready to use it, you should move the frozen tuna saku loin in refrigerator for slow thawing process or you can soak it in cold water for few minutes for quick thawing process.
The second downside when buying tuna loin saku supplier product is of course the expensive price. Loins and saku are among the most expensive tuna cuts that available in the market. It is such a waste when the loin is cut into steaks because the process often requires further trimming and cutting. Because of the expensive prices, you may want to rotate having loin saku with other tuna products such as canned tuna which cheaper.
However, never let the downsides of tuna loin saku manufacturer product makes you avoid purchasing them. In fact, if you can find the best qualities of tuna saku loin, quickly grab it because high quality of tuna saku loin is really rare and limited. You can always find tuna in cans since they are available widely and globally, but when we are talk about tuna in loin saku shape and prime qualities then it is really limited.
Have tuna loin saku and take them as part of your healthy diet. Tuna contains all of nutrition your body needs like the omega-3 fatty acids as well as other vitamins and minerals. You can enjoy your tuna by grilling, pan searing, or other cooking methods with some additional seasonings to add more delicious flavors.

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